Bionitid Add-ons

At Bionitid we have a wide catalog of products to facilitate work in different sectors. These are some of the many products that we can offer:

  • Microfibers, kitchen cloths and cloths
  • Mops and brushes
  • Buckets and mops
  • Cars
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Aluminum and PVC trays
  • Napkins and tablecloths
  • Vacuum and cooking bags
  • Garbage bags
  • Lemon wipes
  • Domestic and industrial toilet paper and hand dryers
  • Dispensers

DownloadHERE the Catalog of Bionitid Accessories.

For more information about the Complement products we have, do not hesitate tocontact us.


Calle Colón 586
Nave 11, Polígono Industrial Colón II
08228 Terrassa, Barcelona
+34 937 849 577